Youngkin Rejects Bills on Contraception, Skill Games, and Confederate Tax Breaks

Youngkin Rejects Bills on Contraception, Skill Games, and Confederate Tax Breaks

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has vetoed a series of bills, including one aimed at protecting access to contraceptives and another addressing tax exemptions for organizations with Confederate ties. The birth control bill, sponsored by Delegate Cia Price, sought to ensure that healthcare providers could prescribe and individuals could obtain and use contraceptives, without addressing abortion. It outlined contraceptives as drugs or devices intended for pregnancy prevention and included provisions for legal action in cases of violations. The legislation did not carry fiscal implications for the state.

In addition to the contraception bill, Youngkin vetoed a measure that proposed to remove real estate-related tax exemptions for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. This organization, based in Richmond, has historically been involved in erecting numerous Confederate monuments across the country. The bill also called for the repeal of authorization for special license plates honoring Robert E. Lee and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The vetoes occurred after the Governor's amendments to these bills were rejected by the legislature. Youngkin, expressing willingness to continue negotiations with the Democratic-controlled General Assembly, stated that the vetoed measures were not yet ready to become law. The vetoes were part of a broader action where Youngkin signed seven bills but vetoed 48 others during the regular legislative session.


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