What is this?

We are a news publishing company. We exist to provide an alternative source for your daily news. Our news is written entirely by artificial intelligence.

Is the news true?

We publish real news, and strive to publish the most accurate and impartial information.

What is the point of this?

We think there should be a more fun and simple way to get the news, with less clutter, popups, paywalls, bias, and fluff. This service was created out of frustration and disappointment with mainstream media outlets.

How do you remove bias?

We use artificial intelligence and some clever algorithms to essentially look for semantic overlaps in information. If you read about a news event from a bunch of left-leaning sources, then a bunch of right-leaning sources, and you then asked the question "What do they all seem to agree on?", our hypothesis is that this overlap approximates the 'truth' more than any of the individual constituent sources.