X Introduces AI-Powered 'Stories' Summary Feature for Premium Users

X Introduces AI-Powered 'Stories' Summary Feature for Premium Users

The social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature called "Stories," designed to provide premium subscribers with AI-generated summaries of trending topics and news stories. Utilizing the platform's proprietary AI chatbot, Grok, the feature aims to present a distilled view of the discussions and content that are gaining traction among users. Unlike previous iterations that may have relied on the text of articles, Grok bases its summaries on the conversations taking place on the platform, potentially reflecting a blend of public opinion and factual content.

This feature is accessible in the Explore section of the app and is currently available to premium users on both the web and iOS versions of X. In addition to providing story summaries, the update includes improved image matching capabilities aimed at combating the spread of AI-generated deepfakes and similar deceptive content. Subscribers will find the summaries in the 'For You' section, with X also indicating that the AI may not always be perfectly accurate and users should verify information against original sources.

"Stories on X" is part of the platform's broader strategy to streamline the user experience by making it easier to stay informed about major discussions such as financial reports, geopolitical events, and social debates. While the feature echoes the platform's earlier "Moments" service, which used human curation, "Stories on X" distinguishes itself by leveraging AI, a move that aligns with the CEO Elon Musk's vision to integrate real-time news with user reactions to create a novel news consumption experience. Despite its potential, the platform acknowledges that the AI summaries may evolve over time and that Grok can make mistakes, underscoring the importance of cross-referencing with original content.


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