Walmart Introduces bettergoods to Attract Young Shoppers With Upgraded Food Line

Walmart Introduces bettergoods to Attract Young Shoppers With Upgraded Food Line

Walmart is introducing Bettergoods, its most extensive store-label food brand in two decades, designed to cater to the evolving preferences of younger shoppers who favor affordability and culinary creativity over brand allegiance. The lineup will span over 300 products, encompassing categories such as frozen foods, dairy, snacks, beverages, pasta, soups, coffee, and chocolate. With a pricing strategy aimed at providing value—most items will be available for under $5, and the range in price will be from under $2 to under $15—the brand is set to hit Walmart stores and its online platform by fall.

The launch of Bettergoods aligns with current economic trends, as inflation has led consumers to seek more cost-effective alternatives, thereby increasing the demand for private-label brands. These brands have seen a rise in market share, capturing nearly 26% of the food and beverage segment in terms of units sold last year, an increase from the previous year's 24.7%. Walmart's initiative reflects a broader industry movement toward expanding private-label offerings, as retailers respond to customers' appetites for innovative flavors and more reasonable prices.

Amid these inflationary times, Walmart's grocery business, which is already the largest in the U.S. by revenue, has seen a nearly 7% increase in sales, totaling $264.2 billion in the most recent fiscal year. The introduction of Bettergoods aims to reinforce the retailer's commitment to delivering quality, chef-inspired food at competitive prices, which has been central to driving both store and online traffic. Walmart's product development team has sourced ingredients and flavors globally to ensure that Bettergoods stands out as an elevated food experience within the retailer's portfolio of private brands, including Great Value.


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