US Army Sergeant Detained in Russia on Theft Charges

US Army Sergeant Detained in Russia on Theft Charges

An American staff sergeant, who was stationed in South Korea, has been detained in Russia on suspicion of theft. The soldier, who was on personal travel and not on official duty at the time, was taken into custody in the Pacific port city of Vladivostok on May 2. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has been notified and is seeking consular access, while the soldier's family has been informed about the detention.

The U.S. Department of State, which has previously issued a level four "do not travel" advisory for U.S. citizens in Russia, is actively involved in the case. The advisory warns of the risks due to ongoing conflict and heightened tensions, especially towards Americans. This incident adds to a series of detentions involving Americans in Russia, including the high-profile cases of former Marine Paul Whelan and basketball star Britney Griner.

The White House and the Department of Defense are closely monitoring the situation to gather more information about the soldier's arrest and potential charges. The U.S. Army has acknowledged the incident and stated that the soldier is facing allegations of criminal misconduct.


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