UK Pledges Sh140M for Kenyan Flood Relief Mission

UK Pledges Sh140M for Kenyan Flood Relief Mission

The United Kingdom has provided KSh 140 million (£850,000) in emergency aid to assist Kenya in coping with severe flooding that has claimed the lives of at least 228 people, with 164 injured and 72 reported missing. The British High Commissioner to Kenya, Neil Wigan, expressed support for the country during this crisis, as heavy rainfall has led to significant displacement and damage to infrastructure.

The funds are being channeled through UNICEF and will support the delivery of cash assistance to around 6,900 households in the hardest-hit counties. Additionally, UNICEF will be tasked with providing critical health and nutrition services, ensuring access to safe drinking water, temporary sanitation facilities, and hygiene kits. The relief efforts also include cholera prevention interventions to safeguard against waterborne diseases.

This donation adds to the £3.4 million previously allocated by the UK to UNICEF for humanitarian relief efforts in the region over the past year. The ongoing rains, which have resulted in over 200,000 displacements, have prompted Kenyan President William Ruto to order an indefinite postponement of school reopenings to ensure the safety of the populace.


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