TIME100 Health 2023 Spotlights Innovators from Baig to Oshmyansky

TIME100 Health 2023 Spotlights Innovators from Baig to Oshmyansky

In Pakistan, Dr. Shahzad Baig, as the national coordinator of the polio-eradication program, has made significant strides in reducing polio cases, with an aim to eliminate the disease by 2026. The program involves a substantial workforce of vaccinators and security personnel tasked with immunizing millions of children.

In the field of virology, Dr. Barney Graham has played a crucial role in vaccine development, leading to the creation of the first mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 and the first vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which affects millions of infants worldwide. His work continues to influence the development of vaccines for other viruses.

Medical Aid for Palestinians, a U.K.-based nonprofit, under the leadership of CEO Melanie Ward, has been actively providing support and medical supplies to Palestinians, particularly in response to conflicts. The organization has become one of the few international aid groups remaining in northern Gaza, offering substantial assistance in a challenging environment.

The Migrant Clinicians Network in Austin, Texas, has been a key player in ensuring migrants, especially pregnant women, receive healthcare. Led by CEO Kim Nolte, the network has facilitated medical care for over 1,700 migrants, addressing the health challenges and potential complications associated with limited access to care.

Ronnie Levin from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a cost-benefit analysis revealing the economic advantages of mitigating lead in drinking water in the U.S. The findings underscore the potential for significant health and infrastructure cost savings.

Dr. Alex Oshmyansky has partnered with Mark Cuban to establish the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co., aiming to reduce the prices of prescription drugs by selling generic medications with a minimal markup, challenging traditional pharmaceutical pricing models. This initiative has prompted senators to call for an investigation into the price-setting practices of specialty pharmacies.

David Baker's pioneering work in protein design has led to the development of new proteins with potential therapeutic applications and the founding of numerous companies based on this technology. His achievements have earned him the 2021 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.

Finally, Ivan Cheung, CEO of Eisai, Inc., took a calculated risk in the development of lecanemab, a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Despite challenges, Cheung's perseverance led to the drug's approval by the FDA and subsequent Medicare coverage. He now leads NextPoint Therapeutics, focusing on promising cancer treatments.


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