Sony Issues Refunds for Ghost of Tsushima PC After PSN Controversy

Sony Issues Refunds for Ghost of Tsushima PC After PSN Controversy

The release of Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut on PC has encountered complications relating to Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) account requirement. While Sucker Punch Productions, the game's developer, has clarified that a PSN account will not be necessary to play the main game on PC, it is required for accessing multiplayer components. The policy has prompted Sony to issue refunds for early PC orders of the game after facing issues in 177 regions where creating a PSN account is not possible. Consequently, Steam and other digital storefronts, such as Green Man Gaming, have begun automatically refunding pre-orders to customers in affected areas.

The decision follows a similar incident involving Helldivers 2, which was initially released with a mandate for PC players to link their PSN accounts, leading to its withdrawal from sale in numerous countries. The controversy over the mandatory PSN linking has led to customer complaints across various platforms, including the game's subreddit and social media channels, although Sony has not made an official statement regarding the automatic refunds.

As the May 16 release date approaches for Ghost of Tsushima's PC version, which includes all post-launch DLC, the situation has highlighted the challenges and consumer dissatisfaction associated with platform account requirements for gameplay. Sony, Steam, and Sucker Punch Productions have yet to comment on the ongoing issue and the broader implications for players unable to access the game due to the PSN account restrictions.


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