RFK Jr. Reveals Discovery of Dead Brain Worm by Doctors

RFK Jr. Reveals Discovery of Dead Brain Worm by Doctors

In 2010, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, experienced significant memory loss and mental fogginess, prompting concerns about a possible brain tumor. He sought advice from several leading neurologists and was scheduled for a medical procedure at Duke University Medical Center. Contrasting opinions emerged as another physician from New York-Presbyterian Hospital suggested that Kennedy's symptoms were due to a dead parasite within his brain, an assertion that came to light during his 2012 divorce proceedings.

Kennedy has also been diagnosed with mercury poisoning, which is believed to be a result of consuming fish high in the heavy metal, a known cause of neurological problems. Additionally, he has a long-standing medical history of atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder that can increase the risk of stroke or heart failure. Kennedy has been hospitalized at least four times for related episodes.

Despite these health challenges, Kennedy has presented himself as a candidate with youthful vigor and athleticism, highlighting these attributes as advantages over older candidates. However, details regarding his current health status remain opaque as his campaign has refrained from releasing his medical records. Kennedy's past health issues, including the diagnosis of a dead worm in his brain and mercury poisoning, raise questions among the public and electorate.


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