Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Predicts New Industrial Revolution Driven by AI

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Predicts New Industrial Revolution Driven by AI

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang delivered a keynote speech at the NTU Sports Center in Taiwan, highlighting artificial intelligence (AI) as the catalyst for a new industrial revolution. Huang emphasized the role of accelerated computing and AI in transforming the computer industry. He introduced a generative AI model for weather and climate research, as well as AI tools designed to accelerate the development of "digital humans" and future generative AI avatars. The speech is part of the Computex 2024 tech industry event, which will feature additional addresses from other tech business leaders.

Huang underscored Taiwan's central role in the global AI ecosystem, positioning Nvidia at the forefront of this technological shift. He announced that Nvidia will release new versions of its flagship AI chips annually, with the Rubin GPU system slated for future development. The company plans to start shipping its Blackwell graphic processing unit in the coming months. Nvidia's advancements in AI and robotics, supported by its GPU and CUDA software framework, are intended to facilitate high-performance AI applications across various industries.

Additionally, Huang revealed plans for AI factories and advanced robotics powered by Nvidia’s technology. This vision includes partnerships with companies like Foxconn to build these AI factories. Nvidia, valued at over $2 trillion, aims to unlock $100 trillion worth of opportunities through these innovations. Huang also discussed the upcoming Rubin AI platform, which will utilize HBM4 memory for AI accelerator production, and introduced a new design for server computers built on Nvidia chips. These initiatives reflect Nvidia's strategic positioning at the center of the AI revolution.


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