Moderna’s COVID/Flu Combo Vaccine Proves Superior in Late-Stage Trial

Moderna’s COVID/Flu Combo Vaccine Proves Superior in Late-Stage Trial

Moderna's combination vaccine, mRNA-1083, designed to protect against both COVID-19 and influenza, has shown promising results in a late-stage trial. The trial, which included approximately 8,000 adults aged 50 and over, demonstrated that the vaccine generated a stronger immune response compared to traditional flu vaccines and Moderna's standalone Spikevax COVID shot. The combination vaccine elicited higher antibody levels against two A strains and one B strain of the flu, outperforming widely used flu shots from GSK and Sanofi.

The trial also indicated that mRNA-1083 was safe and tolerable, with side effects such as injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain, and headache being comparable to those of existing vaccines. Moderna plans to launch the combination shot in time for the autumn respiratory disease season in 2025, pending regulatory approval. If approved, this would be Moderna’s third marketed product, following its COVID-19 and RSV vaccines.

Moderna’s Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Francesca Ceddia, described the results as a significant breakthrough, emphasizing the convenience and enhanced protection offered by the combination vaccine. The company aims to present the trial data at a medical conference and submit it for peer-reviewed publication. Public health experts suggest that such combination vaccines could improve vaccination rates and provide more comprehensive protection against seasonal respiratory illnesses.


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