Google Expands Gemini Nano AI to More Pixel Devices in June Feature Drop

Google Expands Gemini Nano AI to More Pixel Devices in June Feature Drop

Google has announced its latest Pixel Feature Drop for June 2024, which introduces several new functionalities across its hardware lineup. Notably, the Gemini Nano AI, initially exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro, will now be available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a. Users will need to enable this feature through the Developer Options, a setting that is not enabled by default. This AI model aims to enhance on-device capabilities without relying on cloud data.

Additional updates include improved video output to DisplayPort monitors via USB-C for Pixel 8 series phones and enhanced automatic transcription features in the Google Recorder app. A new Google Home Favorites widget is being introduced to provide quick access to connected-home devices. For safety, the original Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 will receive improved fall detection and car-crash detection features.

The Find My Device app will also see enhancements, allowing users to locate devices even when they are powered off for up to 23 hours. Moreover, the Pixel Tablet will support doorbell notifications, and Google Wallet on Pixel Watch will integrate PayPal support. Lastly, the Google Home app will be more user-friendly on devices running Wear OS 3 and later, and the Google Home Favorites widget will be available on devices running Android 12 and above.


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