Global ChatGPT Outage Leaves Users Frustrated

Global ChatGPT Outage Leaves Users Frustrated

OpenAI's AI chatbot, ChatGPT, is experiencing a widespread outage affecting users globally across web, mobile, and desktop platforms. The disruption, which began early Tuesday morning, has left users unable to generate responses or access previous chats. According to Downdetector, 81% of reported issues are related to the ChatGPT service itself, with 14% involving the OpenAI website and 5% affecting the mobile app.

The outage follows the recent introduction of GPT-4o, OpenAI's most powerful multimodal AI model, and the roll-out of premium features to free users. British users have reported a significant increase in error messages, with hundreds of reports this morning alone. The service, which is popular among students and job seekers for completing tasks and cover letters, saw a peak of 2,494 outage reports at 12:40 PM Indian time.

OpenAI has acknowledged the issue and is actively investigating the cause. This incident is not the first for the platform, which has experienced several partial outages over the past month. The company has formed a safety and security committee to review and enhance its processes and safeguards, aiming to mitigate such disruptions in the future.


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