EU classifies Apple's iPadOS as 'gatekeeper' under tech rules

EU classifies Apple's iPadOS as 'gatekeeper' under tech rules

The European Commission has identified Apple's iPadOS as a gatekeeper under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a set of EU antitrust regulations. This designation places Apple under a strict set of obligations aimed at fostering competition and expanding consumer choices. The Commission's assessment highlighted iPadOS as a critical platform for business users to connect with end users, acknowledging Apple's strong and sustained market position.

Although Apple's iPadOS did not meet the DMA's quantitative threshold for gatekeeper status, the Commission determined that the significance of iPadOS in the market warranted its inclusion under the DMA rules. Apple's user base for business significantly exceeds the threshold, and the user numbers for end users are approaching the required level with expectations of further growth.

Apple has been given a six-month timeframe to comply with the DMA obligations, which include provisions to ensure fair treatment of rivals and prevent the leveraging of market power to disadvantage competitors. The company has indicated its intention to engage with the European Commission to meet these requirements.


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