Corporate Staff Find Meaning in Workplace Volunteering

Corporate Staff Find Meaning in Workplace Volunteering

Workplace volunteering has become a significant aspect of corporate culture, with a reported increase in employee participation. The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals noted that more than 60% of surveyed individuals experienced a rise in volunteer activities within their companies over the past year. This increase in engagement has been linked to lower turnover rates among companies that offer comprehensive volunteer programs.

The interest in corporate volunteering has seen a notable rise in 2023, with a record number of corporate partners, volunteer hours, and active participants engaging through these initiatives. Benevity, a company specializing in the management of volunteer programs, confirms this trend, emphasizing the importance of such programs in fostering employee engagement and purpose.

Flexibility in volunteer opportunities is highlighted as a critical factor for the success of these programs. Allowing employees to choose the activities, nonprofit partners, and the time they commit is essential for developing meaningful connections and a sense of fulfillment through their volunteer work. Some companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, are setting examples by allocating up to 15 days per year for associates to volunteer, demonstrating a commitment to accommodating employees' desires to give back to their communities while maintaining their professional responsibilities.


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