'Choose France' Summit Secures Record €15 Billion Investment

'Choose France' Summit Secures Record €15 Billion Investment

France has secured a substantial influx of foreign investment totaling 15 billion euros ($16.2 billion), highlighted by significant pledges from major international companies. Microsoft has made the largest commitment, earmarking four billion euros to develop data centers across the country, marking the tech giant's largest investment in France since its establishment there 41 years ago. This development is expected to expand data center operations in the Paris region, Marseille, and a new location in eastern France.

The investments were announced during the "Choose France" summit at the Chateau de Versailles, where President Emmanuel Macron hosted 180 CEOs and senior executives from around the world. In total, the 56 projects are anticipated to create around 10,000 jobs. Other notable commitments include Amazon's 1.2 billion euros, Pfizer's 500 million euros, and AstraZeneca's 365 million euros in the health sector, as well as plans for a large-scale industrial fertilizer factory.

These commitments follow a report by Ernst & Young, which named France as Europe's most attractive country for foreign investment. However, there is some concern among investors regarding France's public deficit, which has exceeded its target of 4.9% of GDP. Despite these financial concerns, the new investments signal continued international confidence in the French market.


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