BRISE Coin Soars 7%, Fueling FOMO Wave

BRISE Coin Soars 7%, Fueling FOMO Wave

Bitgert's native cryptocurrency, BRISE coin, has witnessed significant growth since its inception, with its value increasing by approximately 40,500% at its peak. Recently, the coin experienced a 7% surge within a 24-hour span, highlighting investor confidence and market interest. The Bitgert ecosystem, which underwent rebranding in 2021, has expanded to include various utilities such as a zero-fee centralized exchange (CEX), a peer-to-peer crypto exchange, a crypto payment gateway, and a real-world asset (RWA) marketplace for real estate tokens.

The coin's deflationary mechanism, which decreases the supply with each transaction, contributes to its scarcity and potential value appreciation over time. This is further supported by the project's proof of authority consensus mechanism, which facilitates efficient transactions within its community of over 600,000 users. Bitgert's partnership with more than ten crypto projects and its adoption of a Layer-1 Blockchain with a high transaction speed of 100K TPS (transactions per second) and minimal cost per transaction have also bolstered its market position.

Despite the overall volatility of the cryptocurrency market, BRISE has demonstrated resilience and maintained a stable market capitalization, signaling sustained investor interest. The coin's rapid growth is accompanied by staking rewards in BUSD and a smart contract-based buyback function aimed at supporting price stability and maintaining token scarcity. Bitgert's strategy includes hundreds of partnerships and collaborations, including those in the gaming industry, which have contributed to its robust ecosystem and potential for long-term growth.


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