Biden Dares Trump to Presidential Debates, Sets Terms

Biden Dares Trump to Presidential Debates, Sets Terms

President Joe Biden has invited former President Donald Trump to engage in a series of presidential debates, amidst discussions concerning Biden's ability to handle public speaking and teleprompter issues. In a social media video, Biden suggested that they could set dates for the debates, while his campaign sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates opting out of their schedule in favor of debates hosted by news organizations. The Trump campaign has also taken issue with the commission, citing the timing of the debates after early voting has begun and pushing for debates to occur before voters cast their ballots.

The Trump campaign's objections to the Commission on Presidential Debates stem from allegations of bias and a failure to enforce rules during the 2020 debates. They have also expressed concerns over disruptive audiences and proposed that debates take place in a television studio with only the candidates and moderators present. The Republican National Committee announced in 2022 that it would cease participation with the commission due to these concerns.

Biden has proposed two specific debate dates, one in June and another in December, in anticipation of the November 5 election. He has also criticized Trump for not showing up for a debate and urged him to defend his policies, including those on immigration, environmental regulations, inflation, taxation, and foreign policy. Trump responded with enthusiasm for more debates and the need for larger venues, indicating a willingness to participate. The Trump campaign, however, has not immediately commented on Biden's specific proposals for debate dates and formats.


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