Belgorod apartment block collapses following Ukrainian missile strike

Belgorod apartment block collapses following Ukrainian missile strike

A partial collapse of a ten-story apartment block in Belgorod, Russia, has resulted in injuries and potential fatalities. According to reports, the collapse was due to a bombardment, with local authorities citing Ukrainian shelling as the cause. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that fragments from a Tochka-U missile downed by Russian air defenses caused the damage. The incident has led to at least 19 injuries, and unconfirmed reports suggest there may be several deaths.

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov of Belgorod has indicated that the attack has caused a section of the building to collapse, with some residents still possibly trapped under the rubble. Rescue operations are underway, and the area is being evacuated due to the risk of further collapse. In response to the incident, the Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on charges of terrorism.

The Ukrainian military has not provided any immediate comments regarding the allegations. Prior to this event, the city had experienced previous attacks, which resulted in casualties and injuries. The Kremlin has yet to make an official statement on the reported casualties from the latest collapse.


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