Apple Introduces Eye Tracking and New Accessibility Options in iOS 18

Apple Introduces Eye Tracking and New Accessibility Options in iOS 18

Apple has unveiled a range of new accessibility features slated for release with its iOS 18 software updates. Among these features is Eye Tracking, which allows users with physical disabilities to control their iPhone or iPad using eye movements. The feature utilizes the device's front-facing camera for quick setup and calibration and is designed to work across iOS and iPadOS apps without the need for additional hardware. All data processed for Eye Tracking is securely kept on the device.

Additional updates include Music Haptics, which delivers tactile feedback through taps, textures, and vibrations, allowing deaf or hard-of-hearing users to experience music more fully. Vocal Shortcuts will enable users to navigate their devices and communicate with Siri more efficiently, while Vehicle Motion Cues aim to minimize motion sickness for users in moving vehicles. Live Captions for Vision Pro, Voice Control for CarPlay, and Color Filters to assist colorblind users are also part of the update, demonstrating Apple's commitment to making its products accessible to a broader audience.

The new accessibility features are the result of collaboration with the Speech Accessibility Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and partnerships with other tech companies. These enhancements are set to be available later this year, aligning with Global Accessibility Awareness Day and ahead of the full unveiling of the new operating systems at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.


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