Appeals Court Rejects Hunter Biden's Gun Charge Dismissal Bid

Appeals Court Rejects Hunter Biden's Gun Charge Dismissal Bid

A federal appeals court has denied Hunter Biden's request to dismiss the gun charges against him, ruling that the lower court's orders were not appealable before a final judgment. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision means that Biden, who is facing three charges connected to his 2018 firearm purchase in Delaware, will go to trial. These charges include one count of unlawful possession and two counts of making false statements.

The case, brought by special counsel David Weiss, is set to go to trial in Delaware, marking a significant moment as Hunter Biden is the son of sitting U.S. President Joe Biden. While Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to the gun charges, he is also facing separate federal tax charges in California. The trial in Delaware is scheduled to commence on June 3, with Biden facing a potential maximum penalty of 25 years in prison on the gun charges.

The appeals court's decision does not preclude further appeals. Should Hunter Biden be convicted in the upcoming trial, he retains the option to renew his dismissal arguments with the appeals court. The panel explicitly stated that their decision did not address the merits of Biden's arguments for dismissal.


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