Android 15 Unveils "Thief Mode" to Prevent Device Break-ins

Android 15 Unveils "Thief Mode" to Prevent Device Break-ins

Google has unveiled a series of security features designed to safeguard Android devices from theft and unauthorized access. One key feature, Theft Detection Lock, leverages artificial intelligence to identify potential theft through sudden movements, such as when a phone is snatched from a user's hand. Upon detecting such motion, the device's screen will lock, requiring valid authentication to regain access. This initiative aims to reduce the likelihood of data breaches in the event of a physical theft.

The anti-theft measures are part of the upcoming Android 15 operating system update, which includes a robust security suite. Additional protections include an improved Remote Lock feature, which allows users to lock their devices remotely using their Google account credentials or phone number. Android 15 also introduces new developer tools for detecting unauthorized screen recordings or device control, and a feature that verifies the absence of malware on the device.

These security enhancements, which will be progressively rolled out through Android 15 updates and Google Play Services, aim to diminish the resale value of stolen phones by making a factory reset impossible without the original user's Google account information. The features will be accessible on devices running Android 10 or higher, though some older devices may not support the full range of security enhancements.


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