Pokemon GO Spelunker's Cove Event: Research Tasks, Rewards, and More

Pokemon GO Spelunker's Cove Event: Research Tasks, Rewards, and More

Niantic has announced the Pokémon GO Spelunker's Cove event, coinciding with Pokémon GO Fest 2024 in Madrid. The event runs from June 15 to June 18, 2024, offering players the opportunity to encounter various Water-type and Rock-type Pokémon, including the debut of Shiny Crabrawler. Players will benefit from a 2× Candy bonus for catching Pokémon and can participate in both free Field Research and a $1.99 Timed Research quest, which must be completed by the event's end. Featured Pokémon encounters include Geodude, Nosepass, Binacle, and others.

GO Fest 2024 in Madrid will take place from June 14 to 16, split between Parque Juan Carlos I and Madrid City. The event includes a unique Collection Challenge with guaranteed encounters for Pokémon such as Pancham, Throh, Pansage, and Oricorio. Players can use Incense or Lure Modules to assist in catching the required Pokémon for the challenge. Additionally, the Spelunker's Cove event will feature inflated spawn rates for select Pokémon and provide special bonuses, including double catch candy.

Participants in Spelunker's Cove can engage in various research tasks and raid battles, with notable Pokémon such as Carbink and Rhydon appearing more frequently. Players can also aim to earn medals by completing different objectives, which are necessary for progressing beyond Level 40 in the game. The event will integrate with the broader Pokémon GO season of Shared Skies, starting on June 17, which includes additional bonuses and Timed Research for players.


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