Palworld Community Manager Teases PS5 Release

Palworld Community Manager Teases PS5 Release

Pocketpair's community manager, Bucky, has hinted at a potential release of the popular game Palworld on the PlayStation 5. Bucky's recent post on Twitter/X, which included a blue heart, a color associated with PlayStation, has led to speculation that the game, currently available on Xbox and PC, may soon be accessible to PS5 users. This follows previous comments from Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Independent Developer Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, about the potential for a PS5 version of the game.

Palworld, often described as "Pokemon with Guns," has seen significant success since its release, with over 2 million concurrent players on Steam at its peak and 25 million players in its first month. Despite a decline in player numbers, it still maintains a robust player base with over 24,000 active users on Steam. The game’s popularity and Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe's openness to platform expansion and potential acquisition suggest that a PS5 release could further boost its appeal. Additionally, the game's upcoming Sakurajima update, scheduled for June 27th, promises new content, including a new island, dedicated Xbox servers, and additional features.

While no official announcement has been made regarding the PS5 release, the community's excitement is palpable. The addition of Palworld to the PlayStation platform could attract a new wave of players, building on the game's established success on Xbox and PC.


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