Nintendo Aims to Prevent Switch 2 Shortages by Boosting Production

Nintendo Aims to Prevent Switch 2 Shortages by Boosting Production

Nintendo's CEO, Shuntaro Furukawa, addressed concerns regarding the potential scarcity and resale issues of the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 during the company's 84th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting. Furukawa assured shareholders that the company does not anticipate any component shortages affecting the production of the Switch 2. To counter resale and scalping, Nintendo plans to produce enough units to meet consumer demand and is exploring legal measures to prevent resellers from profiting.

The semiconductor shortages that previously impacted hardware production are no longer an issue, allowing Nintendo to confidently move forward with its plans. The company aims to ship over 10 million units in the console's first fiscal year, which should mitigate potential supply problems and ensure wide availability for consumers. The Switch 2 is expected to be announced within the current fiscal year, ending in March 2025, with a potential price tag of $399.

Nintendo's proactive measures come after previous consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, faced significant supply chain challenges at launch. By addressing these concerns early, Nintendo hopes to avoid similar issues and ensure that players can purchase the Switch 2 through official channels without resorting to resellers. The company is also focusing on improving development tools and support for indie developers to enhance the overall gaming experience on the new console.


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