Netflix Cancels Horizon Zero Dawn Series

Netflix Cancels Horizon Zero Dawn Series

Netflix has cancelled its live-action adaptation of the PlayStation game Horizon Zero Dawn following allegations of a toxic work environment involving showrunner Steve Blackman. Reports from Rolling Stone revealed that twelve workers accused Blackman of manipulative and bullying behavior, including sexist, homophobic, and transphobic conduct. Blackman has denied these allegations.

As a result of the controversy, Netflix has also halted another of Blackman's projects, an original series titled Orbital. Despite these setbacks, Blackman remains under a multi-year deal with Netflix. Sony, which has seen significant success with its video game adaptations, is likely to seek another partner to continue the Horizon series.

The cancellation comes amid broader scrutiny of Blackman's workplace behavior, with reports suggesting a hostile environment during the production of The Umbrella Academy. The future of the Horizon series remains uncertain, with options including finding a new showrunner or transferring the project to another platform. Multiple Horizon video game projects, including a remaster for the PS5 and an online co-op project, continue to be in development.


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