Innovations in Dental Crown Technology and Soft Tissue Management

Innovations in Dental Crown Technology and Soft Tissue Management

The Royal College of Surgeons of England has not represented the UK in Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) or the UK Specialist Interest Group in Orofacial Pain and TMDs (USOT). Similarly, the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons has not provided representation. Differing diagnostic criteria for chronic orofacial pain disorders are highlighted, with the American Academy of Orofacial Pain and the research diagnostic criteria/temporomandibular TMDs offering distinct approaches. A review by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on pain management services in the UK has also been discussed in the context of the British Dental Journal's management strategies.

The CanalPro Jeni endomotor from COLTENE has introduced a digital assistance system for canal preparation, adapting to individual root canal anatomy and measuring length without interruption. It includes integrated software for controlling file movements and pre-programmed NiTi file systems, alerting dentists when file changes or irrigation are necessary. The system also allows for additional individual sequences.

Chairsyde is a new consultation platform offering a wide range of visual resources to help educate patients about their health conditions and treatment options. The platform includes patient-friendly animations, annotations, and a personalised portfolio, all recorded in real-time and available for review via email.

Water fluoridation in the UK currently benefits around 6 million people in Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, and surrounding areas. A recent consultation aims to expand community water fluoridation (CWF) to include Sunderland and Middlesbrough, potentially reaching an additional 1.6 million people. The British Fluoridation Society advocates for increasing fluoride content in water supplies to combat high levels of dental caries.

LM-Dental has launched My LM-Activator, a new appliance designed to support the natural growth of children’s faces and jaws, particularly for various orthodontic issues such as overbite and crossbite. This silicone eruption guidance appliance is aimed at early orthodontic treatment and is pending regulatory approval in CE markets.

The Academy of Soft and Hard Tissue Augmentation (ASHA) will host a masterclass on implantology techniques led by Professor G. Zucchelli and Dr Selvaraj Balaji. The course, focusing on treating gingival recession and managing soft tissue around implants, will take place on 15-16 November 2024 and 10-11 January 2025.

Dental crowns have advanced to nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth, with materials like zirconia, porcelain, metal alloys,


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