G7 Leaders Resolve to Counter China's Unfair Business Practices

G7 Leaders Resolve to Counter China's Unfair Business Practices

Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) wealthy democracies have pledged to take action against what they describe as unfair business practices by China. According to a draft summit statement, the G7 accuses China of undermining their workers and industries through these practices. The leaders also called on China to refrain from adopting export control measures, particularly on critical minerals essential for the telecommunication and electric vehicle industries. This follows concerns about China's restrictions on mineral exports, which threaten international supply chains.

The G7, comprising the United States, Italy, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, also addressed China's support for Russia's military operations, which they believe is exacerbating the Ukraine conflict. They warned of potential action against Chinese financial institutions aiding Russia in obtaining weaponry. This comes amid the U.S. imposing fresh sanctions on China-based firms supplying semiconductors to Russia.

Additionally, the summit included discussions on creating more resilient economies and diversified supply chains to counter China's industrial overcapacity, which Western governments claim is distorting local markets. The EU has already announced plans to introduce tariffs on imported Chinese electric vehicles as a step towards addressing this issue. Despite these measures, the G7 leaders emphasized that their actions are not intended to harm China's economic development but to ensure fair competition and protect their own industries. Pope Francis is also expected to make an appearance at the summit to discuss artificial intelligence.


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