Drone Displays Emerge as Fireworks Alternative in Colorado

Drone Displays Emerge as Fireworks Alternative in Colorado

High school students in Longmont, Colorado, are organizing drone shows as an alternative to fireworks for Fourth of July celebrations. These students, part of their school's drone performance team, are gaining hands-on experience in planning and executing drone shows. This initiative aims to mitigate fire risks associated with fireworks, especially given the hot and dry weather conditions.

In Denver, the Indy Eve drone show attracted many attendees at Civic Center Park, celebrating America's independence. This event followed a similar gathering by the Colorado Broadcasters Association. The shift towards drone shows is also being observed in Florida, where several Fourth of July events are replacing traditional fireworks with drone displays. For instance, the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds will host a show featuring 100 drones, while Ocala will see its first drone show with over 300 drones. These events are seen as more inclusive and environmentally friendly, as they reduce the risk of wildfires and do not disturb veterans with PTSD, pets, or wildlife.

Additionally, a two-day expo at Pragati Maidan highlighted the capabilities of high-tech drones, deepfake detection software, and forensic workstations. Over 200 national and international drone manufacturers participated, showcasing technology that could support law enforcement agencies. Innovations included drones for aerial surveillance, software for detecting deepfake media, and hardware for collecting digital evidence. Notable exhibits included Esec Forte's Drona Faraday bags and advanced drones from Aebocode Technologies and Optiemus Unmanned Systems, designed for tasks such as tactical mapping and firefighting.


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