CNN to Cut 100 Jobs, Launch Digital Subscription This Year

CNN to Cut 100 Jobs, Launch Digital Subscription This Year

CNN CEO Mark Thompson has announced a series of strategic changes aimed at positioning the network for a digital future. As part of this plan, CNN will cut approximately 100 jobs, nearly 3 percent of its workforce, and introduce its first subscription product later this year. The restructuring will merge the network's television and digital newsgathering operations into a single unit, with a focus on creating a billion-dollar digital business. The move is part of an effort to reduce CNN's dependence on its traditional cable-TV revenue and to adapt to the growing demand for digital news consumption.

In addition to the job cuts, CNN plans to expand its digital offerings with new paid products, including those based on lifestyle journalism. The company will also launch a free, ad-supported streaming channel and introduce new FAST channels, including CNN en Español. Thompson has highlighted the need for innovation and adaptation in the media landscape, pointing out that video content will be central to CNN's future strategy. A TV Futures Lab, led by Eric Sherling, will be established to develop and manage streaming and VOD programming for the Max platform, while Charlie Moore will oversee primetime programming.

These changes come as part of Thompson's broader strategy to modernize CNN and shift its business model away from the declining traditional cable news bundle. By focusing on digital expansion and integrating artificial intelligence into its operations, CNN aims to create new, compelling formats for news, analysis, and context. This approach is designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the network in a rapidly evolving media environment.


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