A Third of Russians Support Nuclear Strike on Ukraine, Survey Reveals

A Third of Russians Support Nuclear Strike on Ukraine, Survey Reveals

A recent survey conducted by the Levada Centre has found that 77% of Russians support their country's war against Ukraine, with 44% "definitely" supporting the actions of the Russian armed forces. Conversely, 17% of respondents do not support the Russian military. The survey also indicates that 52% of respondents are against the use of nuclear weapons, though support for nuclear escalation has increased by 5 percentage points over the past year. Notably, 58% of Russians are in favor of peace talks, the highest level of support for negotiations since previous peaks in late 2022 and 2023.

The survey reveals a nuanced perspective on the use of nuclear weapons, with over a third of respondents considering it justified. Specifically, 10% "strongly" support a nuclear strike, and 24% deem it "expedient." While 52% remain against nuclear weapons, this number has declined from previous years. The findings suggest that older Russians, particularly pensioners who frequently watch state television and approve of President Vladimir Putin, are more inclined to support nuclear action. In contrast, younger Russians, especially those aged 18-24, largely oppose the use of nuclear weapons.

Additionally, the survey highlights a division in attitudes based on geography and socioeconomic status. Residents of Moscow are more likely to support the war and peace talks simultaneously, reflecting a complex correlation between financial status and views on the conflict. Wealthier Russians show a mixed stance, with 40% in favor of hostilities and 55% supporting negotiations. The survey also found that 65% of respondents blame the United States and NATO for the situation in Ukraine, while only 6% hold Russia responsible.


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