25% of US Voters Interested in Ethereum Spot ETF, Says Grayscale

25% of US Voters Interested in Ethereum Spot ETF, Says Grayscale

A survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Grayscale has revealed that nearly 25% of US voters are interested in investing in Ethereum Spot ETFs if they are approved. This indicates a significant shift in attitudes towards cryptocurrency investments ahead of the 2024 US Presidential election. The survey also found that 43% of respondents were unfamiliar with the concept of a Spot Ether ETF, suggesting a need for increased education and awareness efforts.

The survey also highlighted bipartisan support for cryptocurrency investments, with similar ownership rates among Republicans and Democrats. However, there are differences in the importance placed on crypto-related issues, with Republican voters more likely to prioritize economic concerns such as inflation, while Democrats focus more on issues like gun violence and climate change.

Despite the interest shown by potential investors, the approval of a Spot Ethereum ETF remains uncertain. Cryptocurrency market maker GSR has revised its forecast for the approval of a Spot Ethereum ETF to only 20%, down from a previous estimate of 75%. Factors contributing to this lowered forecast include minimal interest from the SEC, political pressure against approving additional digital asset ETFs, and an alleged SEC investigation into whether Ethereum is a security. The approval process may take longer than anticipated and could involve litigation.


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