1 Million Trapped in Southern Gaza Amid Escalating Crisis

1 Million Trapped in Southern Gaza Amid Escalating Crisis

The U.S. military is preparing to temporarily remove its humanitarian pier off the coast of Gaza due to anticipated adverse sea conditions. This move comes after the effort, which has faced challenges since its installation in May, was further hampered by bad weather. The pier is expected to be relocated to the Israeli port of Ashdod until conditions improve. Consequently, the United Nations has not resumed transporting humanitarian aid from the pier to U.N. World Food Programme warehouses.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening, with the UN's World Food Programme reporting that one million displaced people in southern Gaza are trapped without access to clean water or sanitation. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to severe destruction and significant casualties. In the latest incidents, 25 Palestinians, including an infant, were killed in Gaza on Friday. Nearly 450,000 Palestinians have fled from Rafah as Israeli tanks move deeper into the city. Additionally, Israeli military operations in northern Gaza have displaced another 100,000 people. The conflict, which began in October, has resulted in over 37,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries.

Medical professionals in Gaza, such as Dr. Thaer Ahmad, warn of rising malnutrition and the urgent need for emergency aid. Difficulties in getting aid trucks into Gaza have exacerbated the situation, leading to dire conditions for the vulnerable population. The UNRWA has highlighted the impact on children, many of whom have been killed, injured, or permanently affected by the conflict. Schools have been destroyed, and a significant portion of the academic year has been lost, raising concerns about a "lost generation" without a ceasefire.

The WFP Deputy Executive Director Carl Skau has described the situation as a "public health and protection disaster," with a lack of potable water and sanitation facilities contributing to the dire conditions. The ongoing hostilities are significantly hindering humanitarian operations, making it challenging to deliver much-needed aid to the affected population.


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